How to Find a Job Using Twitter

4 Surprising Ways Twitter Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

“Growing company is looking to hire accounts assistant/office assistant…”

“#job opportunity: I’m looking to hire a talented Project & Event Coordinator to work with me…”

“ok so if you need a 3-4 day a week job come apply at (business) in (location) :) my manager is looking to hire someone…”

How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

4 Ways to Use Twitter to Find a JobAre you going to find these jobs listed on Careerbuilder or Indeed?

Probably not.

These are actual tweets from hiring managers and employees that took to Twitter to crowdsource recruiting. If you’re not on Twitter, you missed these and hundreds of other job opportunities today. Some savvy social media man or maven snatched the opportunity before the company ever placed a job ad.

How else can Twitter help you land that dream job? Let’s take a look.


Nothing replaces face-to-face networking. And while LinkedIn is the social media networking platform most professionals prefer, you miss out if you’re not connecting with people that can hire you on Twitter.

Twitter often provides an opportunity for you to connect with the key people making decisions in companies you’d like to work for. Research employers, seek out mutual connections and interests, and use those as a springboard to start conversations. Those conversations may lead to a job offer or referral from people and places you’d never expect.


Companies often tweet links to blog posts, articles, or company info that provide valuable insight into the workplace culture. As you prepare for interviews, follow the company and its decision-makers on Twitter. You’ll likely learn valuable information you can use to sell yourself at your interview.


The key to winning the job search game is presenting yourself in the best light possible. Twitter affords you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and ability to communicate concisely in the short updates you share.

Demonstrate your professionalism, courtesy, interest, and enthusiasm with the way you carry yourself on Twitter. Employers are going to check you out online. When they do, what will they find? Twitter gives you the chance to shape a hiring manager’s opinion before you ever step foot into the room for the interview.


When you take your personal Twitter presence seriously, you’ll find job opportunities where you least expect them. Don’t get caught off guard.

Who are you? What do you have to offer that should make an employer take notice?

Now, boil that down to a 140 character message. This is your “elevator pitch” for Twitter.

Search Twitter for industry influencers and people who hire for the companies you’d like to work for. When they Tweet something that interests you (or might interest your followers), share that message with your followers.

Occasionally, someone will message you to thank you for retweeting (sharing) his message. When that happens, are you prepared? What do you say?

That’s where your 140 character elevator speech comes in handy. A “you’re welcome” message that introduces what you bring to the table might be the foot in the door you’ve been waiting for.

One word of warning, though: hiring managers can see everything you post on Twitter, whether they follow you or not. If you’re serious about your job search, Twitter isn’t your private hangout. Political activism, ranting, and minutiae may play well in social circles. But you’ll smell rotten to a hiring manager if you’re careless and reckless on Twitter.

Consider every Tweet and element of your profile as an extension of your resume. Be interesting, useful, and thoughtful. Be someone worth following, and you’ll vault to the career you’re seeking.

Remember, too, that Twitter only represents a part of your full-court press to land the job you need. A smart professional’s job search toolbox includes a powerful, targeted, smart resume that commands attention. Is yours commanding attention? If not, tip the scales in your favor with a resume that works. Together, we’ll make your phone ring with people who want to hire you. Call or text risk-free today, before the next dream job passes you by. My cell phone number is 1-321-442-7994.

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