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Vivian Adkins, CPRW
Vivian Adkins, CPRW is the owner of Foremost Résumés and a Certified Résumé Writer. On this blog you can learn about résumés, how LinkedIn can help with your job search, how to conduct an online job search, and more.
How to Turn Your "Everyone" Resume into the One That Gets Noticed

How to Turn Your “Everyone” Resume into a Resume That Gets Noticed

Remember when you could send out 100 copies of your resume, and expect to get hired? Today, templates are a quick highway to the trash. Hiring managers don't want to sift through a pile of resume templates that sound generic and stale. The person reading wants you to tell him…
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Use the Right Words on Your Resume to Get Hired Fast

Words that Work: How the Right Words Help You Get Hired Faster

No matter how suited you are for the position, you'll never get your foot in the door without a resume that communicates your value. Your resume has a single job: to get you an interview. It only has a few seconds of attention to get the job done. It's not…
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How to improve the objective statement on your resume

Why Your Objective Statement is Costing You the Job, and What to do Instead

Take a look at your resume's objective statement. What message are you sending? Here's what hiring managers know right off the bat: every candidate in the resume pile has the exact same objective. Every one of them wants to get hired for the job. No matter how fancy or polite…
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How to Use Professional References to Get Hired FAST!

Word-of-Mouth Advertising: How to Use Professional References to Get Hired Fast

Let me ask you an important question. Which product are you more likely to buy: one that comes highly recommended from a friend, or one no one you know has used? When you shop online, do you gravitate toward the products that have several highly-rated reviews, or one with few…
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5 Things That Should Never Be on Your Resume

5 Things You Should Never Put On Your Resume

Your resume is the gateway to the next great moment in your career. It's your sales pitch. Its job is to convince employers that you're worth a second look. It's the tool that keeps you in the hunt. But it only takes a couple seconds to get your resume trashed.…
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Career killing mistakes job seekers make on social media

You Are What You Tweet: The 3 Career Killing Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Social Media

You know the importance of your resume. By now, you've probably spent hours pouring over every detail. You may have even given thought to hiring a professional to write the resume that will win you the interview. You've done everything you could to put yourself in a position to get…
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Tips for using your cover letter as a job seeker's weapon

Cover Letter Tips: How To Make a Winning Impression With the Job Seeker’s Secret Weapon

What's the big wart on your resume that keeps you up at night? What's the pimple on your resume's nose that keeps managers from hiring you? Is it a gap in your employment history? Lack of experience or education? Too many jobs in a short period of time? Don't despair.…
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Small Steps That Turn Your Job Search Mountains into Molehills

Overcome Job Search Discouragement: Small Steps That Turn Your Job Search Mountains into Molehills

The pressure of a job search can be overwhelming. When the results don't come as quickly as you expect, it's hard to overcome job search discouragement and keep an optimistic outlook. What do you do when you feel desperate, but the phone doesn't ring? When you aren't getting the interviews…
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How to Handle Employment Gaps on Your Resume with a Glass Half-Full Approach

Writing the perfect resume is a piece of cake. Mix decades of experience with a skill set perfectly suited for the job you seek. As long as you have all of this, and no employment gaps, writing that job-winning resume is a breeze. If you have six minutes, we can…
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6 Interview-Winning Resume Tweaks That Take 6 Minutes or Less

Is your resume making the phone ring? Unless you hire a professional to do the heavy lifting, you'll probably spend hours agonizing over every word of your resume. You've probably second-guessed, stressed, and obsessed, because so much is at stake. You need to get hired, and you can't afford to…
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