Job Search Tips


The Holiday Advantage: The Sneaky Job Search Secret Most People Miss

What's the point of searching for a job during the lidaylidays? Companies hibernate, take vacation, and coast to the end of the year. Maybe it's best to pause, enjoy the holidays, and hit the ground running when the calendar turns to a new year. Does this sound like you? If…
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How to keep your job search confidential

Confidential: How to Get Hired Without Getting Fired

Do you know how to keep your job search confidential? Trapped in a dead-end job, and looking for a way out? Have you already started looking for work elsewhere? You might be putting your career in jeopardy. What if your current employer finds out you're looking for greener pastures? When…
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How to Follow Up After Job Interview

Icing on the Cake: How to Make a Tasty Impression After Your Job Interview

Once the interview is done, what do you do next? How do you show you're eager without annoying employers? Done right, follow-up can put you over the top in a close battle for the job you're after. Done wrong, you'll come off as desperate. So, is the follow-up worth the…
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Job Search Blues: What to Do When You’ve Lost All Hope

The economic climate is always changing. So are the needs of your family and dreams you have for your career. But what happens when things don't go as planned? When it seems like you've done all you can and gotten no results, where do you turn? How do you get…
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Overwhelmed? Try this job search approach

Overwhelmed? Try This Job Search Approach Instead

Feeling stuck in a dead-end job, but scared to take the leap to a new career? In between jobs and struggling to get to "you're hired" before the money runs out? You're not alone, even though it feels that way sometimes. When you're desperate for work or desperate to move…
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Lied job seekers believe

5 Paralyzing Lies Job Seekers Believe

Searching for a job is hard enough. When you start to believe the lies you tell yourself, you handcuff yourself to inevitable failure. You deserve to move your career forward. Let's talk about what the job search landscape really looks like, so you can separate myth from reality. With a…
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Ask the right questions during your job interview

Turn the Tables: Ask the Right Questions at Your Next Job Interview

Ask the Right Questions at Your Next Interview In your next interview, the difference between winning and losing could be smaller than you think. The ability to ask smart questions sets a candidate apart from the pack. When preparing for your interview, research the company and interviewer as thoroughly as…
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How to Find a Job Using Twitter

4 Surprising Ways Twitter Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

"Growing company is looking to hire accounts assistant/office assistant..." "#job opportunity: I'm looking to hire a talented Project & Event Coordinator to work with me..." "ok so if you need a 3-4 day a week job come apply at (business) in (location) :) my manager is looking to hire someone..."…
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How to Overcome Stage Fright at Your Next Job Interview

How to Overcome Stage Fright and Ace Your Next Job Interview

Overcome Job Interview Stage Fright and Land Your Dream Job Let's face it: job interviews are terrifying, even if you know you're the perfect fit for the job. What if you say something stupid? What if you forget to say something important? What if you're asked a question you have…
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How to Use Professional References to Get Hired FAST!

Word-of-Mouth Advertising: How to Use Professional References to Get Hired Fast

Let me ask you an important question. Which product are you more likely to buy: one that comes highly recommended from a friend, or one no one you know has used? When you shop online, do you gravitate toward the products that have several highly-rated reviews, or one with few…
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