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Career killing mistakes job seekers make on social media

You Are What You Tweet: The 3 Career Killing Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Social Media

You know the importance of your resume. By now, you've probably spent hours pouring over every detail. You may have even given thought to hiring a professional to write the resume that will win you the interview. You've done everything you could to put yourself in a position to get…
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Small Steps That Turn Your Job Search Mountains into Molehills

Overcome Job Search Discouragement: Small Steps That Turn Your Job Search Mountains into Molehills

The pressure of a job search can be overwhelming. When the results don't come as quickly as you expect, it's hard to overcome job search discouragement and keep an optimistic outlook. What do you do when you feel desperate, but the phone doesn't ring? When you aren't getting the interviews…
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The Secret Sauce: The “Me” Message That Gets You Hired

In case you missed it, we've been discussing the dreaded question every hiring manager asks, but that few job seekers know how to answer. How do you "tell me about yourself" without looking foolish? Better yet, how do you springboard from the question into an answer that makes you the…
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From Panic to Poise: How to Ace the Most Important Interview Question of Them All

Strategies for answering the job interview question, "Tell me about yourself." It's the question you dread the most. But you know it's coming. In every job interview, you're put on the spot right away. Fear paralyzes your body. Your heart pounds uncontrollably. Your hands sweat. You begin to panic, as…
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Get Hired in Record Time: 3 Essential Ingredients Most People Miss

Why do some job seekers send out resume after resume, but never hear the phone ring? How do less qualified applicants get hired over those with more experience and better credentials? Sometimes, the difference between "You're hired" and another disheartening rejection is smaller than you think. Let's take a peek…
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The 4 Things Every Hiring Manager Needs to Hear You Say

It's not enough to be the right person for the job. Almost every stack of resumes contains candidates with more experience and education than you. So what can you do to rise to the top? Use your resume and interview opportunities to communicate what hiring managers want to hear before they'll…
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3 Dumb Mistakes Smart Job Seekers Make

What's keeping you from landing your dream job today? Many factors contribute to the hiring decision, but it's not enough to be the right person for the job. You have to sell yourself as the right fit. Many qualified candidates miss out on perfect careers because they make a few…
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Get Hired! 4 Holiday Job Search Ideas That Really Work

During the holidays, many job searches grind to a screeching halt. Don't let yours be one of them. Seize the opportunity the holidays give you. With a winning mindset, the right focus, and these holiday job search tips, you can position yourself to land that dream job before the last…
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