Get Hired in Record Time: 3 Essential Ingredients Most People Miss

Why do some job seekers send out resume after resume, but never hear the phone ring? How do less qualified applicants get hired over those with more experience and better credentials? Sometimes, the difference between “You’re hired” and another disheartening rejection is smaller than you think.

Get hired in record timeLet’s take a peek behind the curtain, into the minds of the people you need to impress. With a shift in focus to the little things that make the biggest impression, you’ll turn the odds in your favor and shatter the barriers that keep you from getting the job.

1. Preparation

Preparation says a lot about who you are.

When you research the company’s culture and tailor your resume to fit into that culture, you demonstrate more than qualifications and skills. You show your enthusiasm, initiative, and resourcefulness through the words on the page.

By matching your style and presentation to the company culture, you create an impression that tells people you’ll fit right in with their workplace. The easiest way to do that is to work with a professional resume writer who knows the industry. That way, the resume you offer stands out from the dozens of template resumes that never get noticed.

In the interview, you have an opportunity to show why you want this job, and not just any job. It’s the difference between enthusiasm and desperation. Your enthusiasm shines through when you know something about the company, seem to fit in with the culture, and show a genuine interest in what they’re all about.

If possible, talk to employees who know what the company is like. Find out what their bosses expect, what the office atmosphere is like, and what the company values. Ask questions that show you’ve done your homework about the company, and tailor your interview answers to the culture of the organization.

Practice answering the questions you know are coming. Do the preparation others aren’t willing to do, and attract the attention that gets you hired.

2. Personal Branding

Whether you realize it or not, you have a personal brand. Just like multi-million dollar international corporations, your brand communicates who you are.

Most job seekers present a bland, ordinary brand to employers. They say, “Look at me. I’m qualified – just like everyone else you’re considering. Pick me.”

With a little effort, you can do much better than that.


First, put your best foot forward on social media. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and attractive. Seek recommendations and participate in LinkedIn groups that match your expertise.

When an employer checks you out online, what do they see? If they stumble upon your Facebook rants and tweets, will they be comfortable having you around the office as part of the team?

Assume employers are checking you out online, and clean up your social media act. Don’t chase employers away with your latest rants on politics or other controversial topics. Don’t bad-mouth current or previous employers on social media. That’s the fastest way to get eliminated from contention.

Create a blog that demonstrates your expertise, and update it regularly. Moderate a forum that discusses topics relevant to the positions you’re seeking. Strut your stuff, and employers will take notice. They’ll remember you if you promote and protect your personal brand online.

3. Likeability

Ever left an interview with the feeling that things just didn’t go your way? You knew you had the qualifications, but you and the interviewer just didn’t connect. How do you keep that from happening?

Hiring managers say they often eliminate candidates within seconds of an interview. Before the conversation ever gets to qualifications and job requirements, the interviewer often has his mind made up.

How do you survive those first few seconds and stay in the running? Concentrate on the impression you present. Practice making eye contact, firmly shaking hands, and answering questions beforehand. Dress in a way that fits in with the company culture.

The likeable candidate often gets the nod over someone with more degrees, skills, and accomplishments. Managers want to add to the chemistry and camaraderie of their team. They want to bring in a can-do, problem-solving, encourager to lift the mood of the office.

Remain upbeat and focus on the positive throughout the interview. Speak well of previous employers. Be honest about yourself and your abilities, but present them in a way that demonstrates your value. Make yourself irresistible by practicing enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.

Are you someone you’d like to work with every day? Be polite, courteous, and friendly. In your answers, show how you worked well with others as a building block of a winning team. Win the day over others who raise red flags about their ability to get along and cooperate with others to get the job done.

Your resume also contributes to your likeability. It’s your chance to show how your experience translates to value for the company. A successful resume isn’t about you. It’s about the value you bring to an organization.

What’s the bottom line? Candidates who focus on themselves eliminate themselves. Your qualifications alone won’t get you the job. Others in contention have the same or better education and experience.

So what will get you the job?

Preparation, practice, and a positive attitude separate you from the pack. Let your personality shine through, present your value, and land the job you deserve by focusing on the keys most candidates miss.

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—Vivian Adkins, Resume Writer at Foremost Resumes

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