How to Get Your Resume to the Top of the List and More Tweets from Foremost Resumes

How to improve your resume ranking and get noticed, and other tweets from Foremost Resumes, June 13, 2013 – Follow us on Twitter

How do you get your resume to the top of the list of applicants?

CV resumeFrom the Chicago Tribune: To ensure your resume makes the first cut, follow these tips. Use key words: While it has always been important to use industry terms in a job application, today it’s critical to have one or two key words in your resume or professional profile. That’s because many employers are doing so-called keyword searches to sift through resumes.”

Small Business Hiring Snapshot

From Entrepreneur: More than half of the smaller businesses surveyed plan to keep their headcount steady in 2013.

4 Things Your New Hire Training is Missing

From INC.: Cull’s business employs scientists. This means his employees require high-quality–and highly specific–training to be successful within the company and the field. His scientists are often asked to perform tasks outside of their “comfort zone.

Resume Buzzwords to Avoid Like the Plague

From NWJobs: “Goal-oriented.” “Innovative.” “Self-starter.” “Dynamic.” Are your eyes glazing over? Of course they are. Resume buzzwords are a turn-off for you as well as for potential employers. Buzzwords make your resume blend in rather than stand out. They are tired and overused and make potential employers cringe. Worst of all, they don’t say anything.

LinkedIn Profile Best Practices

From Engineering Jobs: This installment will cover the next steps; including LinkedIn profile best practices, adding connections and tips for requesting skill and expertise endorsements.

Online Hiring Tools Are Changing Recruiting Techniques

From The New York Times: It is impressive to watch an experienced person using Recruiter narrow the search results in a hot field — massaging search terms and adding filters for experience level and business schools or engineering programs. Whether you are using Recruiter or one of LinkedIn’s less expensive options, try different combinations of key words and filters to see which produce the best results. There is an art to it.

Get a Bank Job in 50 Days

From Forbes: A new study shows that, on average, banking professionals have only about seven weeks – 50 days, to be exact – to find a new post in the financial services industry after leaving an old one. Why 50? It’s all about acting fast and avoiding the “S” word.

What Should I Know Before I Change Careers?

From Lifehacker: Whatever your dream job is, or whatever the industry you’re thinking about jumping into is, the first thing you need to do is make sure you can survive on whatever you’ll make.

10 Pack-a-Punch Verbs to Include on Your Resume

From US News and World Report: Align/Realign. Have you somehow helped to get disparate parts of an organization or process to mesh together more smoothly? Perhaps you have had a hand in changing incentives, penalties or re-engineering the relationship between different groups or departments. When you do any of these things, you potentially decrease or eliminate expenses, or enable new creativity through the synergies you engineer.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired After a Career Break

From Business Todayt: Whatever the reason-family, health or education-an applicant who has taken a career break makes recruiters apprehensive even if one manages to convince them about their ability. So, one must be prepared to explain the reasons for the break. Also, one must be ready to face questions such as-What if the problem resurfaces? Why do you want to join work now? What did you do during the break?

VIDEO: Creating a Perfect Job Interview

From Tech News Daily: With a solid resume in hand, we provide some of the top tips for creating an excellent job interview.

Don’t Be This Kind of Interviewee

From US News Money: Your interview is a make-or-break opportunity. All the time and effort you spend applying for jobs, tweaking your résumé, crafting the perfect cover letter and networking are all to land an interview, so you don’t want to blow it.

The Dream Employers for Engineering Students

From Forbes: Students are looking for measures of companies’ attractiveness and incorporating these measures into their assessments of which companies are great places to work, and which would be a great fit for them,” says Vicki Lynn, senior vice president of client talent strategy and employer branding at Universum. “Just as they view rankings of colleges and universities as one measure of reputation and quality of colleges, they do the same when looking at companies. It’s an assessment of their value and fit as a place to build their career.

Theme Park Engineering and 3 Other Non-Traditional College Degrees That Can Pay Off

From the Consumerist: Most people know that degrees in things like economics, business, mathematics, and medicine can lead to high-paying real-world jobs, while a degree in Tuvan throat-singing, while fascinating and important, won’t necessarily help you make a down-payment on a house. But there are some non-traditional college degrees that could result in a nice paycheck.

From Foremost Resumes: Over fifteen years ago Vi Adkins, CEO & certified resume writer extraordinaire, founded Foremost Resumes. She decided that it was time to use her writing skills and professional experience to help people boost their careers.

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