Job Search: When Positive Thinking Isn’t Enough, Try This

Let’s face it: looking for a job is hard work. Financial pressure, the fear of rejection, performance anxiety, and a million other factors compete for your mind’s attention.

positive thinking-is-not-enough-textWhile most job search advice is well-meaning, most of it sounds useless to you when you’re wrestling with career uncertainty every day. It’s not enough to think positive thoughts and repeat affirmations to yourself about how awesome you are.


Because you don’t believe your self-talk.

When your phone isn’t ringing and hiring managers aren’t beating down your door to hire you, you need a real change in focus. You need tools that point your thinking in the direction of real-life solutions that get you noticed.

The questions you ask yourself on a daily basis determine the trajectory of your career. Want to get hired? Forget telling yourself how awesome you are. Steer your focus into thoughts and actions that put you in position to succeed.

So, what questions have the power to steer your focus and drive you into the arms of the career you deserve?

Evaluation Time

Each evening, before you plan your next day’s job search activities, take a moment to reflect on the day. Keep this simple, but take it seriously.

What is the one thing that brought you the most success today? In other words, what worked?

Go deeper. Why did it work? What did you do? What about that do you want to do more of tomorrow?

Flip the coin. What didn’t work at all? Now, what could you have done differently?

If you’re stuck in a rut and not getting hired, you’re probably repeating the same mistakes. A daily inventory helps you flush out those mistakes.

Awareness helps you chart a different course and take different actions that produce different results. This isn’t dwelling on the negative; it’s using those experiences to propel you to a different result.

What worked? Why did it work?

What didn’t work? What could you have done differently?

When you ask yourself these questions, make sure you have pen and paper handy. Instead of trying to convince yourself affirmations of your greatness are true, allow these questions to fuel you.

Don’t know why things aren’t working? Keep reading.

Who Can Help?

What’s the difference between you and the person that got hired for the last job you went after? Chances are good that your qualifications were similar. Your background and experience both fit the position.

More than likely, the person who got chosen over you had help.

If nothing you do works, doing the same things won’t change your results. Neither will guessing about what to do differently.

What’s the best place to start? If your resume isn’t getting noticed, call me today at (321) 442-7994. In less than a week, we can turn your bland, boring resume into a job-snatching sales force that works for you. I know what hiring managers need to see to give you a second look. Put that expertise in your corner.

Struggling with interviews? Seek advice from successful people around you, or look through this blog’s archives for excellent advice.

Notice what’s working and what isn’t. Seek solid advice, and change your approach. Keep doing this until you get hired. Instead of spinning your wheels, you’ll be off to the job you’ve been after while your competition wonders what happened.

What am I excited about?

In his books and seminars, motivational coach and speaker Tony Robbins emphasizes the power of questions to change your life. He coaches people to start a morning routine of asking themselves powerful questions that set the tone for the day.

In your job search, it’s easy to find the negatives and shine the spotlight on them. But your job search doesn’t define your life. Questions like, “What’s great about this?” and “How can I use this?” turn any negative experience into an opportunity to learn, grow, change your approach, and win.

Questions like, “What am I enjoying in my life right now?” and “What am I most excited about?” get you outside of the negative emotions that hold you captive. “What am I committed to? Why am I committed to this?” and “Who do I love, and who loves me?” remind you about what’s most important, so you keep the main thing the main thing no matter what curveballs you face in your career.

What’s Most Important?

This question keeps your focus razor-sharp: “What’s the most important thing I want hiring managers to know about me?” If you don’t know, take some time to think deeply about this. Then remind yourself about this question and your answer every morning.

More importantly, ask yourself this question right before your next interview. When you answer questions, sprinkle what makes you great into your answer. Getting the job is more than just answering what’s asked. It’s selling yourself. What’s the most attractive reason somebody should hire you? Keep that on the tip of your tongue, so the right people notice the right things about you.

What’s the Next Step?

This question destroys overwhelming anxiety in seconds. Whenever you feel overcome by the pressures and stresses of your job search, call a timeout. Give yourself a few seconds to breathe and slow down the pace of your thoughts.

Step back and ask, “What’s the single next step I can do right now? What one tiny action can I take today that will move me forward?” Take that step. Ask again. Take that step. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Don’t know the next step? Somebody in your life does. Who knows what you should do next? Who should you ask for help?

Before you throw up your hands and give up, ask yourself a productive question.

Questions have the power to change your focus. When you focus on the right things, you gain confidence, perspective, and knowledge that helps you make better decisions. Drastically shorten your job search with these potent weapons in your arsenal.

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—Vivian Adkins, Resume Writer at Foremost Resumes

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