Look Before You Leap: The Frustrated Employee’s Guide to Quitting the Job You Hate

Hate your job? Wish you could give your boss a piece of your mind and walk out? When you feel the pressure mounting, and you feel like you’re about to erupt, call a timeout.

Keep the bigger picture in mind. Your current experience and connections could be crucial factors that launch you into the career you’ve been dreaming about. But you jeopardize it all the moment you lose your cool.

Choose a level-headed, positive approach. Leverage your career frustration into positive energy. Let your emotion fire your drive and propel you to greener pastures. Here’s your guide to quitting your job:

Prepare Yourself

As soon as possible, take stock of your situation. Before you make any moves, review any employment contracts you entered into when you started your current job. Remind yourself about any noncompete or nondisclosure agreements you agreed to, so you don’t breach any contracts while you search for another job.

Take stock of bonus, commission, or other variable payments you expect. You don’t want to jump ship until you know you won’t forfeit money you’ve earned.


Why do you want to move on? Does your current position lack the challenge that keeps you motivated? Is the challenge too much – leaving you stressed out and frazzled? Do you lack the support and tools you need to get things done?

As soon as you tell your boss you’re leaving, she’ll want to know why. As you look for a job elsewhere, you’ll want to steer clear of situations that look a lot like your current one.

Take an inventory of what you wish was better in your current role. Understand why you’re leaving, so you land in a better position.

Give Your Best

When you know you already have one foot out the door, it’s tempting to give a half-hearted effort. But now it’s time to keep your foot on the gas.

Hustle like you’ve never done before. Go the extra mile. Put in the extra hours, take on the extra responsibility, and show your value with every task that comes your way.

When you do, you’ll gain the goodwill of your employer and win an ally in your battle to impress hiring managers. A good word from your current employer could be the deciding factor in earning your next hire. Your hustle makes the difference.

Go Out the Right Way

concerns-quit-your-jobSchedule a meeting with your boss, and deliver the news that you’re leaving in person. A face-to-face meeting shows respect and allows your boss to ask how she could improve. It also gives you the chance to leave on good terms and keep valuable business relationships intact.

Give enough notice. How much notice you give depends on the company’s culture and your rank within the company. Also consider how much time your employer needs to train your replacement.

As much as time allows, offer to assist in the transition. Offer to help train the person taking your place, if possible.

Be careful, though, that you don’t overpromise. Your new job may require substantial time and study. Think about how you can ease the transition for your current employer, while still dedicating your effort to learning your new role. It’s a tricky balancing act, but it’ll pay off when you’re still on good terms with your employer down the line.

Polish Your Resume

Most importantly, add your current role and accomplishments to your resume. Better yet, talk to me about how a Certified Professional Resume Writer can present the best “you” possible to those you want to impress. You can call or text me at (321) 442-7994.

Your resume is your sales pitch. Done right, it’s the billboard that catches a hiring manager’s eye for the right reasons. Before you start the road to career transition, arm yourself with a powerful resume that gets your phone to ring.

Stay in control. Don’t allow your emotions to sabotage your career. Instead, think through the transition and make the smart moves that support you. Step out of the job you hate and into the career you deserve with this cool, calculated approach.

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Thank you!

—Vivian Adkins, Resume Writer at Foremost Resumes

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