Small Steps That Turn Your Job Search Mountains into Molehills

Overcome Job Search Discouragement: Small Steps That Turn Your Job Search Mountains into Molehills

The pressure of a job search can be overwhelming. When the results don’t come as quickly as you expect, it’s hard to overcome job search discouragement and keep an optimistic outlook.

What do you do when you feel desperate, but the phone doesn’t ring? When you aren’t getting the interviews and nothing you do seems to move your job search in a positive direction, don’t despair or give up.

Instead, take small baby steps in the right direction. Take note of your situation, and allow the results you’re getting guide you. What’s working about your current approach? What isn’t working the way you want it to, yet?

Sometimes, all it takes is positive momentum in the direction of your career dreams. So how do you turn your search around, get the phone to ring, and put yourself in a position to step into the career you deserve?

Think small. Here are a few small steps you can take this week. One at a time, they’ll build on each other until you get the attention you need to get interviews. Don’t sit on the sidelines or keep doing things that don’t work. Tweak your approach until you get hired.

Shift Your Mindset

Are you giving your job search everything you have?

Everyone thinks they are. But how carefully do you plan your “workday” on the job hunting trail?

The reason many stay out of work longer than they should is that they miss opportunities that are all around them.


Because they don’t treat their job search like a job.

If you’re hunting for a career upgrade while you’re still employed, this might not be a big deal. There’s less on the line if you have money coming in.

But if you’re unemployed, your job is finding a job.

How many hours do you devote to your job search? If you’re working less than 40 hours to find a job, you only think you’re working as hard as you can work.

How carefully are you planning your job search? How carefully are you monitoring the time you spend on each task, evaluating the results you’re receiving, or seeking professional help to put your best foot forward?

Give yourself the best shot at the career you deserve. Put in the time, effort, and planning it takes. Treat your job search like a full-time job, and you’ll be stepping into the career you deserve before you know it.

Create and Keep Forward Momentum

What do you do when nothing seems to be happening? You’re doing everything you know you should do. You’re sending out resumes, making phone calls, networking, putting yourself out there, and seeing nothing for all of that effort. How do you turn the tide?

Sometimes, the simplest answers are the best.

Moment by moment, you choose what to focus your attention on. When the bills are piling up and your prospects seem dim, it’s hard to find your way out. But there is something you can do to regain control. And it only takes a moment.

Ask “What’s the most productive thing I could be doing right now that could help me get a job?” If you don’t know the answer, the most important thing is finding out. Ask for help. Get some advice. But whatever you do, keep moving forward and keep asking yourself this question.

The more you ask this question, the easier it becomes to train your brain to focus on the most important actions you need to take. When you catch your focus wandering, gently regain control by asking, “What’s the most productive thing I could be doing right now?”

Stay focused, and the momentum you generate will carry you through the trying times that derail most job seekers.

Get the Word Out

Do your friends and family know you’re looking for a job? How many business cards have you handed out this week? Do you even have any?

The opportunity that’s perfect for you may be closer than you think. And it will pass you by if you don’t let people know you’re looking for work. You miss every shot you don’t take. Tell everyone you’re looking. Say, “Hey, if you hear about anyone hiring in my field, please let me know.”

You have nothing to lose. At the very least, you’ll gain confidence by talking to more people about your work situation. Get proactive. Instead of waiting for opportunities to come to you, find the opportunities that lie hidden in the plain view of your regular life.

Get Physical

You’re less likely to be at your best when you’re tired. You need maximum mental clarity and energy to make the calls, answer the interview questions, and push through the overwhelm your job search provides.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Take breaks, eat right, and move your body. Don’t neglect adequate rest and fueling your body for success. Keep yourself sharp so you’re at your best when the lights are bright and the pressure’s on.

Hire a Pro

If you’re really serious about getting hired, a pro can dramatically speed you along the path to getting hired. A Certified Professional Resume Writer can turn the bland resume that’s getting trashed into a refreshing presentation of what makes you great. With the right resume, you’ll stand out, get noticed, get hired, and get on your way.

A well-written resume that speaks the language hiring managers understand could shave weeks off your job search. Wouldn’t you rather be in a job you love instead of endlessly pounding the pavement with no end in sight? Give yourself a hand up. Call a pro, get hired, and get on with your life.

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—Vivian Adkins, Resume Writer at Foremost Resumes

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