Protect Yourself – How Much is Your Resume Costing You?

Is your phone ringing off the hook from employers who want to talk to you?

If the phone is silent and you aren’t getting the attention you deserve, chances are good that things won’t turn around without a new approach.

A weak resume costs you money in lost opportunitiesToday, hiring managers are short on time. At the same time, they’re receiving more resumes than ever for positions they need to fill. If your resume gives them any excuse to quickly move on, your hopes are sunk.

A Good Resume Is Often All It Takes to Kick Your Job Search into High Gear

Could a professional resume writer be the difference maker in your job search? Can you afford to continue the struggle without one? Let’s count the cost together.

The Financial Cost

Without a winning resume, thousands of perfect candidates get overlooked for perfect jobs. Employers quickly scan the mountain of resumes, looking for a reason to put each one aside. Within seconds, the resume you spent hours crafting gets added to all the others that look just like it.

This costs the average senior manager $60 an hour, or about $10,400 per month. A professional resume writer puts that money in your pocket by crafting a CV and resume that stops hiring managers in their tracks.

How much money does being unemployed cost?

Executives lose $16,640 a month by trying to sell themselves without the expertise of a certified resume writer that knows the ropes. How much could you afford to lose by going it alone?

The Time Cost

Even if you write well, writing a resume that turns heads for the right reasons is hard. The pressure of a job search becomes more intense every day you wait for the phone to ring. One silly mistake could doom your resume to the pile with all the other rejected candidates.

So you spend hours trying to get the words just right. You send out your resumes, and get little or no response. You tweak and tinker. You agonize over every word. You send out your new and improved resume.

But the phone still doesn’t ring. Back to the drawing board.

Unless you’ve written resumes for fifteen years, you’ll likely miss something important. You’ll never get noticed, and you’ll have nothing to show for your effort but wasted hours and frustration.

But a certified resume writer changes the game completely. In less than a week, you’ll have a resume people want to read and a clear picture about what makes you special. You can invest the hours you save into contacting employers and doing the things that actually get you hired.

The Confidence Cost

A losing resume eliminates you in seconds. Every rejection depletes your confidence. As your job search drags on with no end in sight, you feel less motivation and more desperation. Often, a winning resume is all you need to turn the tables in your favor.

A winning resume is worth more than a shot at the first interview. When your resume clearly communicates what you bring to the table, you’ll walk into the interview prepared.

Instead of vague notions about responsibilities you’ve had, you’ll come armed with a clear sense of what you’ve accomplished, why that matters, and how to communicate those accomplishments effectively.

Instead of sweating it out and worrying about what to say next, you’ll rise above the competition with a clear, concise presentation of your value. For over fifteen years, I’ve helped unsure, nervous candidates become confident in themselves and in their abilities. That’s the advantage a powerful resume gives you.

The Professional Difference

Your job search doesn’t have to be a hopeless series of frustrating dead ends. Count the cost of going it alone, and recognize that you don’t have to. Don’t continue to lose another $3,840 every week with a resume that gets thrown in the trash. Call me today at 321-442-7994 about how we can end the hopeless guessing game and arm you with a resume that gets you hired.

Make an investment in your future with a resume / CV and cover letter written by Vivian Adkins, CPRW of Foremost Resumes. Foremost Resumes offers affordable resume writing services – resume prices are published here. If you have any questions about my resume services, call or text 1-321-442-7994.

Resume writing services include:

-Executive Resume Package
-Professional Resume Package
-Entry Level Resume Package for Graduates
-Military Resume Package
(LinkedIn Profile Improvement Add-On Service available for all resume writing packages)

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Thank you!

—Vivian Adkins, Resume Writer at Foremost Resumes

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Vivian Adkins, CPRW
Vivian Adkins, CPRW is the owner of Foremost Résumés and a Certified Résumé Writer. On this blog you can learn about résumés, how LinkedIn can help with your job search, how to conduct an online job search, and more.
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