Secret Sauce: The Ingredients That Make People Want to Hire You

Despite all the well-meaning advice you may have heard, getting hired comes down to one simple thing.

what-makes-us-want-to-hire-you-textPeople hire people they like.

With job search sites, the internet, and more information about people at their fingertips than they can possibly handle, employers often find themselves swamped under an avalanche of qualified applicants.

Most can do the job. Many have the right experience. A lot of them have glowing recommendations.

So what’s the difference? Why’d she get hired and you didn’t?

People hire people they like.

How can you make yourself more likable, so you get the nod over everyone else in contention?

Follows Directions

One of the most common reasons candidates disqualify themselves is by not following directions. When you don’t do exactly what’s asked of you in the application process, you tell employers that you like to blaze your own trail. While ingenuity and self-sufficiency make you attractive, the ability to follow directions sets you apart from half the field right off the bat.

Pay close attention. If a manager asks for email, don’t call. If she asks for specific information in a specific order, present the information in that order. There’s a time and place to show your creativity, but it’s more important for an employer to know that you’re a safe choice. You’re not going to waste the company’s time by ignoring important directives.


I used to marvel at how often adults needed to be coached to say “please” and “thank you.” Didn’t everyone hear this constantly from their parents growing up?

If you’re not in the habit of saying please and thank you often, practice. Develop the courtesy to show your respect for the people around you and what you do.

On Time

I know you’re busy. But it stands out when you show up on time for appointments and interviews. It says even more when you show up late. It says you don’t care enough about the appointment or the person to put an honest effort into the meeting.

At the same time, unexpected things happen. Call and let the person waiting on you know you’re running late. Show you respect her time and take what she does seriously.


The best cure for interview nerves is practice. Rehearse giving answers to the most common job interview questions with a friend or your mirror. This feels silly and awkward. But wouldn’t you rather feel silly in your living room and confident on the day of your interview?

When you know what to say, how to work in your strengths, and how to deliver information without bumbling over your words, you’ll vault ahead of 90% of your competition. While they’re shaking at the horrible experience they’re convinced they’re facing, you’ll trust your preparation and breathe easy.

When you’re less nervous, it shows. When you’re cool and confident, you’re more attractive. You show your ability to thrive under pressure. Who wouldn’t want that advantage?


This one seems obvious. Here’s the problem, though: when you’re extremely nervous before an interview, you get tense. Many candidates forget to smile because of this tension in their bodies and minds.

You’ll probably get through the whole interview without even realizing you never smiled once.

When you rehearse, practice smiling. Become conscious of the vibe you’re giving off when you talk. How do you come across? Demanding? Squeamish? Confident? Excited? Desperate?

That’s why making yourself look silly in front of a friend comes in handy. When you practice with a friend, ask for feedback about your body language. Walk into the interview with a smile that says there’s no other place you’d rather be in this moment.

Which small change will you make to your routine today? What one small thing can you put into practice today to make yourself irresistible to the people who can hire you? Get started today, and get the results you deserve from your job search.

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—Vivian Adkins, Resume Writer at Foremost Resumes

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