Sell Yourself: Don’t Send Out Another Resume Until It Has These 4 Things

Every year, during the Super Bowl, companies willingly spend $4 million or more for 30 seconds of your attention.


4 things every resume needsThese companies believe they can make a positive, lasting impression on you in less than 30 seconds. In those 30 seconds, they believe they can convince you to change your behavior, think differently, and consider their products worth your time.

That’s the purpose of your resume: to convince the person who can hire you that you’re worth his time. You only have a few seconds. Make them count. Add these elements to every resume you send. Before you know it, you’ll be out of the resume pile and into a job you love.

Bland resumes mask the most exciting job history in a cloud of boredom. Transform those dreary, long-winded job descriptions into snappy, concise sentences.

Instead of trying to sound like a resume, ask yourself, “What did I do?” and “What did I accomplish?” That’s what managers want to hear. Everybody has the same (or similar) job description. What sets you apart is what you did and accomplished in that role. Use action verbs to communicate a message that presents your value in a way that resonates.


Want a sure-fire way to stand out? Make your resume easy on the eyes. If it’s easy to scan, you’ll create an instant impression that you’re likeable and thoughtful. It’s an automatic response.

So how do you make your resume easy to scan in a snap? Start each sentence of your job accomplishments with the action verbs we just talked about. Be concise. Only include bullet points that relate your accomplishments and experience to the position you’re seeking.

In seconds, you’ll tell the hiring manager that you’ve done your homework. You’ll demonstrate that your background fits the job. You’ll show that you can make life easier inside that company, get things done, and move the ball forward. That’s a winning resume.


Every single person in that resume pile thinks they’re a “team player.” The stack is full of “reliable”, “dependable”, “hard working” people that look like everyone else.

What about your past experience demonstrates that you are who you claim to be? Did you lead a team that overcame a great challenge? Did you increase sales? Did you reduce waste? How was the company better because you worked there?

Think of it this way: Could the person who worked there before you write the exact same list of accomplishments? What did you bring to the role that was innovative? What challenges did you overcome? What ways did you improve the bottom line or otherwise benefit the company?


The best proof is quantifiable. Which would you be more likely to hire – a “dependable, hard-working team player,” or someone who increased sales by 27%?

Think about the metrics that were important to your previous employer. Putting those accomplishments into numbers could give you the edge that makes the difference.

Most of the resumes in that stack won’t tell anyone that they decreased the department’s waste by 15% in less than a year, or that they earned a #1 ranking out of 150 employees in their department in customer feedback.

See what I mean? Be that person. Make your case. Don’t claim to be “goal-oriented,” like everyone else in the stack. Show how you reach and exceed goals on a daily basis.

It all comes down to this: how does your background and experience make you the right fit for the job? Make the most of those precious first few seconds. Your resume is a billboard for you. Make the most of it, get hired, and leave the stack of bland, boring resumes behind.

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—Vivian Adkins, Resume Writer at Foremost Resumes

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