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A New Beginning: How to Start Fresh When You Suddenly Lose Your Job

You never thought this would happen to you. For years, you've worked hard, done everything that was asked, and established yourself as a valuable contributor to your employer's team. Suddenly, without warning, you've been laid off. Now what? To make matters worse, all the career advice you find seems geared…
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Secret Sauce: The Ingredients That Make People Want to Hire You

Despite all the well-meaning advice you may have heard, getting hired comes down to one simple thing. People hire people they like. With job search sites, the internet, and more information about people at their fingertips than they can possibly handle, employers often find themselves swamped under an avalanche of…
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Dumb Mistakes Smart Job Seekers Make (and What to Do Instead)

Could you be sabotaging your own chances of landing the job you want? You're a sophisticated, career-minded, smart person. You know you have the qualifications, experience, and talent to get results. If only you could convince someone to give you a chance to prove yourself, you'd be all set. If…
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Job Search: When Positive Thinking Isn’t Enough, Try This

Let's face it: looking for a job is hard work. Financial pressure, the fear of rejection, performance anxiety, and a million other factors compete for your mind's attention. While most job search advice is well-meaning, most of it sounds useless to you when you're wrestling with career uncertainty every day.…
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Didn’t Get the Job? 3 Crippling Myths About Rejection

You walk out of the interview feeling spectacular. You had all the right answers. You'd be perfect for this job, and you showed why. This is the one. Finally, your job search is over. All that's left is the call and the words, "You're hired!" The call comes. But it's…
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Star Power: Soar Above the Rest with Interview Answers That Shine

Why are job interviews so terrifying? Is it because so much is at stake? Or perhaps because you're afraid you'll make a fool of yourself? Scared you'll blow it and miss out on the job of your dreams? All of these conditions create a volatile mix of emotional overwhelm. But…
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Against the Grain Job Search: 5 Small Habits That Make You Irresistible

Your job search boils down to one thing: separating yourself from the pack. If you do what everybody else is doing, you'll keep searching and never hit pay dirt. Sometimes, the best way to turn heads is to buck the trend. When you go against the grain, you'll get noticed…
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How to Follow Up After Job Interview

Icing on the Cake: How to Make a Tasty Impression After Your Job Interview

Once the interview is done, what do you do next? How do you show you're eager without annoying employers? Done right, follow-up can put you over the top in a close battle for the job you're after. Done wrong, you'll come off as desperate. So, is the follow-up worth the…
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Job Search Blues: What to Do When You’ve Lost All Hope

The economic climate is always changing. So are the needs of your family and dreams you have for your career. But what happens when things don't go as planned? When it seems like you've done all you can and gotten no results, where do you turn? How do you get…
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Lied job seekers believe

5 Paralyzing Lies Job Seekers Believe

Searching for a job is hard enough. When you start to believe the lies you tell yourself, you handcuff yourself to inevitable failure. You deserve to move your career forward. Let's talk about what the job search landscape really looks like, so you can separate myth from reality. With a…
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