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A New Beginning: How to Start Fresh When You Suddenly Lose Your Job

You never thought this would happen to you. For years, you've worked hard, done everything that was asked, and established yourself as a valuable contributor to your employer's team. Suddenly, without warning, you've been laid off. Now what? To make matters worse, all the career advice you find seems geared…
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How to Turn Your "Everyone" Resume into the One That Gets Noticed

How to Turn Your “Everyone” Resume into a Resume That Gets Noticed

Remember when you could send out 100 copies of your resume, and expect to get hired? Today, templates are a quick highway to the trash. Hiring managers don't want to sift through a pile of resume templates that sound generic and stale. The person reading wants you to tell him…
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Use the Right Words on Your Resume to Get Hired Fast

Words that Work: How the Right Words Help You Get Hired Faster

No matter how suited you are for the position, you'll never get your foot in the door without a resume that communicates your value. Your resume has a single job: to get you an interview. It only has a few seconds of attention to get the job done. It's not…
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How to improve the objective statement on your resume

Why Your Objective Statement is Costing You the Job, and What to do Instead

Take a look at your resume's objective statement. What message are you sending? Here's what hiring managers know right off the bat: every candidate in the resume pile has the exact same objective. Every one of them wants to get hired for the job. No matter how fancy or polite…
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5 Things That Should Never Be on Your Resume

5 Things You Should Never Put On Your Resume

Your resume is the gateway to the next great moment in your career. It's your sales pitch. Its job is to convince employers that you're worth a second look. It's the tool that keeps you in the hunt. But it only takes a couple seconds to get your resume trashed.…
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Sell Yourself: Don’t Send Out Another Resume Until It Has These 4 Things

Every year, during the Super Bowl, companies willingly spend $4 million or more for 30 seconds of your attention. Why? These companies believe they can make a positive, lasting impression on you in less than 30 seconds. In those 30 seconds, they believe they can convince you to change your…
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Get Hired in Record Time: 3 Essential Ingredients Most People Miss

Why do some job seekers send out resume after resume, but never hear the phone ring? How do less qualified applicants get hired over those with more experience and better credentials? Sometimes, the difference between "You're hired" and another disheartening rejection is smaller than you think. Let's take a peek…
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Does your resume pass the 20 second test?

7 Tips for Getting Your Resume Noticed in 20 Seconds

Your resume has only 20 seconds to get noticed. Be sure to use these tips to get your resume noticed in 20 seconds? It's a tough job market out there and recruiters and hiring managers often have tens or hundreds of resumes submitted for each job posted. A resume has to be…
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Use a hybrid resume format that combines timelines and skills

Tips for Mechanical Engineering Resumes

Here are 5 resume tips for mechanical engineers plus 1 Power Tip: Tip #1: Begin your resume with a summary paragraph, easily visible at the top of the first page of your resume. The summary paragraph is the part of the resume that will be most often read by your…
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Which resume bullet point is the best?

Resume Tips: Writing Better Resume Bullet Points

Which of the three resume bullet points below is the best, A, B, or C? A) Sold sponsorships to support weekly webinars. B) Exceeded sales goal of $125K in 2008 by selling sponsorships for a series of 6 webinars. C) Generated 2008 revenues of $128K from the sale of sponsorships…
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