The 4 Things Every Hiring Manager Needs to Hear You Say

It’s not enough to be the right person for the job. Almost every stack of resumes contains candidates with more experience and education than you. So what can you do to rise to the top? Use your resume and interview opportunities to communicate what hiring managers want to hear before they’ll hire you.

1. I am teachable.

What every hiring manager needs you to say in a job interviewEmployers fear hiring the wrong person. A short employment costs the company money, time, and resources to rectify. Even those most qualified often get passed by because of this fear.

How does this affect you? You must communicate that you’re easy to work with. Show potential employers that you admit your mistakes, learn from them, and adapt quickly. Communicate that you bring a can-do, problem-solving mentality to any workplace challenge.

What distinguishes you from the five, fifty, or five hundred people being considered? Often, it’s something as simple as a reputation for following directions, accepting criticism well, and quickly learning from mistakes.

Do you have experiences from your previous jobs that show you were easy to work with? Everybody says they’re a “team player”. How did you demonstrate that you’re the player this company wants on its team? How can you relate past experience to the position you’re seeking, to show that you’re a low-maintenance, low-risk hire?

2. “I want this job.”

If you get an interview, you likely meet the minimum qualifications for the position. Chances are good that the other candidates do, too. So who’s going to get the job?

The candidate with enthusiasm often breaks the deadlock. Who wants it more? That’s the candidate that wins.

How can you show you’re enthusiastic, without going overboard?

Do your homework. Get to know the company’s goals, vision, projects, and focus. Find out as much as you can about what makes the interviewer tick. Talk to people who’ve worked there before, if you can. Get a feel for what the company feels is most important.

Tailor the resume you send to the position and company you’re sending it to. If you know what the company’s all about and communicate how your experience fits its vision, you’ll show that this isn’t just the same resume you’ve sent to hundreds of other places out of desperation. You’ll increase your chances of getting the interview, because you’ll be seen as someone who really wants the job.

Have you noticed something about the company that makes you want to work for them? What about the company makes you curious? What can you ask at the interview that shows you value the company’s vision and the opportunity to help bring it to life?

Stand out with enthusiasm. Be the one who wants it more, and you’ll leap ahead of the competition.

3. “I’m authentic.”

The fastest way to eliminate yourself from contention is to try to be someone you’re not. Don’t exaggerate your qualifications or fail to admit your mistakes. Be yourself, and trust that your experience and personality will win.

If you’re dishonest on your resume, it will catch up with you. In the interview, hiring managers can spot dishonesty a mile away. Present specific, tangible results you’ve accomplished that are relevant to the company’s goals. Don’t pad your communication with things that aren’t true.

4. “Thank you.”

Send a thank you note to every person that interviews you. It’s polite to acknowledge and thank someone for taking the time to consider adding you to the team. More importantly, it tells the interviewer that you’re a thoughtful, considerate professional that cares about others.

In the note, mention something specific that you discussed during the interview. Take the time to show that you put some thought into what was discussed. The thank you note is an opportunity to show that you’re a good listener, that you value the company’s vision, and that you’re excited to be a part of making that vision come true.

Why miss an extra chance to stand out? Show your attention to detail and make that last positive impression that could put you over the top.

Don’t stay on the sidelines looking for work, while less qualified people snatch the career opportunities that fit you perfectly. Communicate your value by mixing enthusiasm, humility, confidence, and honesty into a refreshing package that makes a company excited to welcome you to the team.

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