Don’t Gamble With Your Career: Think Things Through Before You Quit

Does going to work every day feel like a nightmare? For some, work crowds out family responsibilities. Others face the workday stress of a poor performance review or bad relationships with coworkers. New policies, changes in leadership, and added responsibility all contribute to the feeling that your career is spinning out of control.

Before your emotions get the best of you, think things through. By asking yourself some tough questions and being honest with yourself, you’ll discover the confidence and clarity you need to move forward without fear.

Ready? Carve out a couple hours to be alone and get quiet. When you tune out the noise around you and ask yourself these questions, you’ll discover whether now’s the right time to quit. Let’s create a plan that keeps you afloat and keeps your dream career in view.


letter-of-resignation-diceBefore you quit, consider carefully why you’ve arrived at this decision. How do you keep yourself from a similar situation 3 months from now? By making sure you know what went wrong where you are.

Be specific. Is your work environment “toxic”? What does that mean, exactly? Do you have an “impossible” boss? Get clear on what’s so impossible.

When you do, you’ll spot similar circumstances before you take another job you’ll hate. You’ll keep yourself from quitting for vague reasons that only make sense in the heat of the moment. You might even discover that you’re better off sticking things out for now.

Be honest with yourself, and get specific about what’s weighing you down. Gain clarity, power, and confidence from an objective, thoughtful review of your present situation.


The most serious and pressing consideration before you now is, “Can I afford to quit right now?” To some extent, this requires some guesswork. How soon do you expect to have another job? What’s the job market like, and how do your skills match up?

On the other hand, crunching numbers gives you a clear picture about where you stand. If you don’t have a family budget, it’s time to make one. Calculate your monthly expenses, and determine how much money you have saved.

Most people need a cushion of about 6-12 months’ income in savings before quitting. Even if you’re confident you’ll land a job quickly, this safety net will give you peace of mind if a job offer doesn’t fall into your lap right away.

Without this safety net in place, you’ll feel like the wind’s in your face. A financial cushion gives you confidence that’s attractive to employers. Leave desperation behind with an emergency fund that keeps bills paid while you search.

Next Steps

After you quit, what will you do first? What will you do after that?

Think through your plan of action before you allow your emotions to rule the day. Quitting always seems like the right idea in the heat of a frustrating moment. When the dust settles, and you’re no longer employed, you’ll need to be armed with a plan.

What are the options in your field? How’s your personal network? Do you have contacts you can tap to point you in the direction of employers that could hire you soon?

Think strategically, and schedule your time before you quit. Know the road ahead. Avoid the bumpy ride.

A Graceful Exit

Once you carefully consider your present situation and future options, proceed with consideration. If you decide the time is right, quit the right way. Tell your boss in person. Give enough notice. Offer to assist in the transition. Give your best until your final day on the job.


Though you’re entering a new, exciting journey, you never know what twists and turns your career has in store. Keep your network strong by creating goodwill with your current employer. You may need a reference or opportunity that your current employer could facilitate.

Lashing out and giving your boss a piece of your mind may feel exhilarating – for a moment. That moment could create havoc in your future and destroy relationships that are vital to your career success.

Stay in control. Think things through. Make decisions that support your success. Quit when the time is right, knowing you’ve done everything you can to put yourself in a position to win the career you deserve.

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