How to Turn Your "Everyone" Resume into the One That Gets Noticed

How to Turn Your “Everyone” Resume into a Resume That Gets Noticed

Remember when you could send out 100 copies of your resume, and expect to get hired? Today, templates are a quick highway to the trash. Hiring managers don’t want to sift through a pile of resume templates that sound generic and stale. The person reading wants you to tell him why you’re the right fit for this job – not any job.

Though it takes time and effort, one of the biggest ways to stand out is to personalize each resume you send. Tell employers you mean business. You’re not just throwing darts at the dartboard and hoping one of them will land near the bulls-eye. You’re here to win.

What’s the difference? A personalized presentation of who you are and what you have to offer speaks directly to the single hiring manager eyeing your resume. With careful consideration and an attention to detail, you tell him that you want to make the difference in his organization – right now. While everyone else just wants a job, you’ll be the one that wants this job.

And, personalization is easier than you think. Let’s roll up our sleeves and turn your “everyone” template into a personal, persuasive job-winning machine.

Review the Job Description

Every employer is looking to fill a specific void in his organization. That void is different than the ones everyone else is trying to fill in specific ways. How do you find out what those differences are?

Get a resume that gets noticedCheck out the job description. Notice the words it contains and the skills it asks for. Note what qualities are important for success in this specific role.

Now take your “everyone” template and think about how your skills match the description. Change the language in a few key areas. Describe how your expertise matches the expertise sought in the description.

The key is to make a few small, subtle changes in the way you present yourself. Tell the manager you’re here because you’re the perfect fit for this specific role. He’ll hear you talking directly to him about his need and how you meet it. Placed against the backdrop of your “template” competitors, you’ll stand out right away.

Know the Territory

What’s this company all about? What do they consider important? What do they bring to the marketplace that’s unique? What specific role are they looking to fill? How does that role uniquely contribute to this company’s specific goals?

Does this role require a specific type of knowledge that you possess? Does the job description tell you anything about the qualifications they’re looking for that works to your advantage?

Go to the company’s website. Look at recent press releases and news. To the best of your ability, discover what’s most important to them. Get clear on what you bring and how your unique background and experience contributes to accomplishing the organization’s highest priorities.

The simplest way to stand out is to do your homework about the organization that you want to hire you. Give each hiring manager the impression that you’re sending this resume to only one person. While everybody else makes generic pitches that fall on deaf ears, you’ll make the impression that you really care about becoming part of a specific team that wants to accomplish great things.

A Realistic Approach

So how do you customize your resume without taking hours to rewrite the whole thing every time? Simple: create a template resume to use as a starting point.

This “starting point” resume is the one most job seekers sent to every employer. With a few small tweaks, you can personalize each one in only a few minutes.

You don’t need to go overboard when personalizing your resume. By changing a few statements to match the specifics of each job, you’ll communicate confidence, ingenuity, and a sincere desire to be part of a successful team.

Small, Specific Changes

What changes make the most sense? Once you have a professional resume that effectively describes your skills and abilities, think about how those attributes match the job description.

In what ways do you bring to the job exactly what they’re looking for? Change the duties and job descriptions you included to specifically match what they’re after, while still accurately describing who you are and what you can do.

Many hiring managers go directly to the job description to see what you’re all about. Use that to your advantage by telling each one that you have the exact attributes he needs.

The Bottom Line

For a moment, put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Imagine what it would be like to sift through resume after resume with each one saying the exact same thing.

Every resume you look at it seems like it was sent to 200 people. None of them seem to speak directly to your need.

Then you come across a resume that seems like it was written directly to you. The person it represents describes himself in terms you understand. The resume details specific qualifications and experience that matters to you.

You get the feeling that this person wrote to you because he wants this specific job, and the candidate seems to bring the right stuff to the position.

Imagine the relief that hiring manager feels when, in a moment, he might have found a needle in the haystack of generic resumes.

Now, who’s going to get that job? Why can’t that be you? Decide today that you’re going to add the personal touch that puts you over the top. Get the job you deserve by turning your “everyone” resume into a resume written for one.

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